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24Hr Entrepreneur is a leading source of innovation, impacting entrepreneurs and business owners since 2017. We provide entrepreneurs with opportunities by providing them with access to critical resources such as innovation, business expansion, financial and business education through our platform. Our focus is to empower and educate business owners that lack knowledge in entrepreneurial and business literacy. Equipting them with biblical principles to live our ther purpose as bible believing Business Owners.

We take pride in working towards achieving our goal of improving the economic well being of entrepreneurs. Our long term goal is to empower and educate entrepreneurs that will build communities and employ individuals that will reciprocate the process. We know that it is God who has given us the passion to operate as entrepreneurs , so we honor God in all our dealings and we give our businesses back to him. We teach our community to operat within integrity, God*Confidence, Renewed Minds and being Spirit-Led Entrepreneurs. Giving God the Glory and Understanding that we are God Made not Self Made.

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